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River side Construction, Water Management using AquaDam and Geo-Bag, Geo-Tube (HUESKER)

Original Water-Filled Cofferdam and Flood Barrier

The AquaDam is a temporary water-filled barrier which can control and divert water. It consists of two flexible watertight inner tubes, side by side, contained within a woven outer sleeve. The inner tubes are filled with water, giving form to the AquaDam, and creating a temporary, highly-effective water barrier.

Eliminate the cost, time and hassle of filling, placing and removing sandbag barriers. Installation time for water-filled AquaDam mainly depends on available pumping power. Most AquaDams are installed in a single day. Removal is a little more involved, but usually also takes about a day. AquaDams can be guided through turns, to conform to nearly any designed path alignment. After the job is done, removal is accomplished by flooding the work area, draining the AquaDam, rolling the AquaDam up in place, or pulling it up the bank where it then can be rolled up. Care must be exercised during removal operations. Reuse is common, but not guaranteed.

This highly effective water-filled barrier will not only save you time and money, but will reduce your impact on the environment as well. The AquaDam was designed to conform to all the requirements of the Clean Water Act. By eliminating the use of dirt/earth fill material, the potential for earth fill discharges into the waterway is dramatically reduced, if not eliminated.

For information please visit manufacturer www.aquadam.net

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